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Certification Center "SPHERE"

The certification center “Sphere” has existed on the market for more than 20 years, during our work we have established ourselves as a reliable partner in the field of certification, we have implemented more than a thousand projects for both Russian and foreign manufacturers, including global brands. Our portfolio of projects: Bork, Enameru, Multi-Trading, Lavazza.

Why exactly the “Sphere”?

  • We have several accredited certification bodies;
  • We have laboratories and equipment for determining the quality of products;
  • Our specialists and experts are constantly trained and will help you to consult correctly;
  • We help to collect the necessary package of documents to get started;
  • Speed ​​and quality are our advantage.

By working with us you will save your time and money, as well as get the most professional solutions to your problems, taking into account all needs and complete confidentiality of your information.

By types

Food products TR CU 021/2011
Furniture Products TR CU 025/2012
Personal protective equipment TR CU 019/2011
Explosion proof equipment TR CU 012/2011
Perfume and cosmetic products TR CU 009/2011
Packaging TR CU 005/2011
Low voltage equipment TR CU 004/2011
Paper and white goods
HV/MV Equipment
Oral care products
Bike/Bicycle Tires
Products for children
Personal hygiene products
Industrial chemistry
Construction Materials
Auto chemical goods
Chemistry for pools
Dietary supplements
Oral hygiene products

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