Light industry product certification

Light industry product certification

Certification of light industry products in the Customs Union in accordance with the requirements of current legislation can be carried out in the form of mandatory certification or declaration of conformity. The choice of the form of the procedure depends on the type and purpose of the product.

The certification or declaration procedure for the quality of light industry products is carried out by accredited certification centers. The goals and objectives of certification are defined in Federal Law No. 5151-1, adopted in 1993. To successfully carry out the procedure for confirming the quality and safety of products, laboratory tests and tests of random samples are carried out.

For each product, a number of regulatory requirements have been developed to which it must comply. During a laboratory test, the physical, chemical and mechanical properties of the goods are checked. In addition to these standardized properties, finished products of light industry must fully comply with the requirements of sanitary and hygienic regulations.

The certificate for goods of light industry, confirms the quality and safety of products, has an established form. Each issued certificate of conformity is assigned its own number and series, which are entered in the Unified State Register. This allows you to verify the authenticity of a document against a common database of documents.

Documents confirming compliance with the quality of light industry products

Certificate of state registration of products (SGR)
Declaration TR CU
Certificate TR CU

To clarify the necessary documents, contact our manager and inform: the HS code of your products (if known) or describe the products in free form, answering the expert's questions during the dialogue.

Light industry product classification

A grouping of products in accordance with their industry affiliation can serve as a general classification of light industry products. It includes products from various industries.

The textile industry produces goods that are classified by type of fabric into : woolen, linen, silk, knitwear, hemp and jute products, felted and felt products and net knitting.

A part of the textile industry products relates to medical products (gauze, bandages, etc.). These types of products must have medical certificates.

The leather and footwear industry products are divided into:

  • haberdashery products;
  • footwear;
  • bags, etc.

Sewing products are divided into:

  • clothes (upper, lower, children's and for adults);
  • linens;
  • overalls.

Clarifications and recommendations on the classification of products as light industry are formulated in the Letter of the Ministry of Economy of the Russian Federation No. MU-636/14-151 and Goskomstat No. 10-0-1/246, adopted in 1993.

Features of certification of light industry in Russia and the Customs Union in 2019

Certification of light industry products is carried out to ensure the protection of the health and life of the consumer. Check for compliance with applicable quality and safety standards is carried out in full accordance with applicable standards. The type of document confirming compliance with the quality and safety of products, and the form of the procedure depend on the type of product.

When choosing a method and certification schemes for light industry products, the degree to which the product touches human skin is taken into account. This gradation is the division of the product into layers:

  1. 1st layer means full contact with the human body;
  2. The 2nd layer includes clothing having limited contact with human skin;
  3. The 3rd layer combines products that do not have contact with human skin.

Mandatory assessment and certification of clothing is carried out for products intended for children under the age of 1 year, regardless of which layer it belongs to. The same procedure is provided for underwear. The existing certification procedure provides for various schemes for the procedure. Each of them provides its own scope of work and supporting procedures, as well as a list of documents required for certification.

Our company is ready to provide qualified assistance in the issue of paperwork of any orientation. Experienced specialists will accelerate the process of obtaining certificates and declarations for light industry products quickly, efficiently and transparently.