Paint certification

Paint certification

Certification of paint and all paints and varnishes is a mandatory procedure in Russia and the EAEU. The quality document for the paint is a certificate of state registration.

If the importing company does not have a certificate, then such goods cannot be imported into the territory of the Russian Federation.

Paint is a coloring matter that gives color to objects. It is divided both by purpose and by composition.

For the sake of consumer comfort and confirmation of the compliance of paints with established safety standards and standards, most paints and varnishes and paints need to be certified and registered with Rospotrebnadzor.

Certification may be subject to both the paint itself and the coloring matter or pigments contained therein.

State registration of paints and paints and varnishes

The certificate of state registration for paint and paintwork is a mandatory document that must be issued for all types of paints. The certificate is unlimited and is valid as long as the products are manufactured by the manufacturer.

In order to obtain SGR for paint, samples of your products must comply with hygienic and sanitary standards. The document is executed by doctors at Rospotrebnadzor.

Only after state registration can you draw up a quality certificate or a declaration of paint.

Бланк СГР на битум Example of the form “SGR on paintwork”

Need to issue a certificate of state registration for paints?

Terms for issuing a certificate: from preparing documents to receiving documents from a courier - 3-4 weeks;

Certification Center “SFERA” has been cooperating with Rospotrebnadzor for more than 10 years, we work with branches of Moscow/Krasnodar (🇷🇺 Russia), Minsk (🇧🇾 Belarus), Bishkek (🇰🇬 Kyrgyzstan). Leave an online application and get a free quote from our specialist.

State registration of paint is carried out according to the following scheme

  1. You leave a request in any way possible: online form , a letter to, a phone call;
  2. We help to collect the minimum documentation package according to the requirements for paints;
  3. We send a package of documents to Rospotrebnazdor;
  4. Registration of product data in the Unified Register of State Registration Certificates;
  5. Issuance of a SGR certificate to a client.

Is paint certification mandatory?

The certification procedure for paint is mandatory in most cases. Oil, powder, water-based, acrylic paint must be certified in accordance with regulatory enactments. These acts include the Unified List of Products approved on 01.12.2009 by Government Decision No. 982. In addition to issuing a certificate for paintwork, state registration is required.

Should all paints be certified? No, hair dye is not subject to certification. Such a decision was made by the Eurasian Economic Commission (decision No. 12 of 01/31/2013). Hair dye must pass state registration, according to the results of which a certificate is issued.

Fireproof paint is a separate item. It is subject to mandatory fire certification. For fire retardant paint, you need to get a fire certificate of conformity.

Declaration of conformity for paint

They issue a declaration of conformity in accordance with GOST standards. A list of standards and necessary quality documents for paint depends on a specific type of product.

The declaration must be received on the following types of coloring substances and paints:

  1. cadmium;
  2. colored;
  3. pigments of white color.
Декларация ГОСТ Р на краску Example of a GOST Declaration form for paints

Certificate of conformity for paint

The certificate of conformity is issued only for cream paints. These types of dyes include hair dyes that have a pronounced creamy consistency. Their compliance is regulated by GOST R 51391-99.

Fire certificate for paint and paints

For some types of paints you need to issue a fire certificate. These include finishing paints for floor and ceiling, used in rooms with increased fire hazard.

3-4 weeks processing time

Such paints are tested in laboratories, and then, based on the test results, a fire certificate of conformity is issued for them.

Пожарный сертификат на ЛКМ и краску (бланк) Example of a paint fire certificate form

Fire safety certificate for paint is issued for a period of 1 year to 5 years.