Detergent Certification

Detergent Certification

Detergents in the Russian Federation, according to the legislation in force in the country, must undergo a procedure for confirming compliance with quality and safety. It is carried out in the form of a declaration of conformity for detergents. This procedure applies to all products manufactured by domestic manufacturers or imported from abroad.

Detergents are chemicals and compounds designed to clean anything from contamination. They can be solid or liquid. Another name for detergents is detergents. They are used for domestic and industrial purposes. The composition of detergents includes various chemical additives and surfactants. According to their purpose, detergents are divided into toilet, medical, technical and household.

The procedure for confirming the quality and safety of detergents in the Russian Federation is carried out in the form of mandatory declaration or voluntary certification. The applicant may be the manufacturer of the product, its seller or importer, who is a resident of the Russian Federation. Along with the execution of a declaration or certificate of conformity for detergents, the SGR for detergents is issued.

State registration of detergents and cleaners

According to the Unified List of Goods Subject to Sanitary and Epidemiological Surveillance, detergents and cleaning products are subject to mandatory registration of state registration.

Registration of detergents is the process of confirming quality and safety in accordance with the current hygiene standards of the Customs Union.

Бланк СГР на битум Example of SGR form (hygiene certificate for detergent)

The main types of detergents and cleaners that make up the SGR in the Customs Union:

Dishwashing detergents icon Dishwashing detergents: plates, glasses, wineglasses, mugs, pans, pans, food containers, kitchen utensils.
Means for the care of household appliances icon Means for the care of household appliances: ovens, stoves, kettles, slow cookers, coffee machines, meat grinders, microwave ovens.
Consumables icon Consumables: tablets for dishwashers, replaceable cartridges, synthetic detergents.
Cleaning products for plumbing icon Cleaning products for plumbing: cleaning products for van, toilets, trouble, sinks, showers.
Household cleaning products icon Household cleaning products: for cleaning walls, floors, furniture.
Foam icon Foam: for washing glasses, mirrors, screens, panels.
Household chemicals for veterinary medicine icon Household chemicals for veterinary medicine

The document is issued in Rospotrebnadzor, valid indefinitely for the entire period of production of detergent.

Compulsory declaration of conformity of detergents, in accordance with current regulations, is subject to products included in the list approved by Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 982 in 2009. It includes:

  1. synthetic washing powders (GOST 25644-96);
  2. foaming agents (GOST 23361-78);
  3. detergents for washing (GOST 52488-2005);
  4. cosmetic detergents (GOST 52345-2005).

Standards establish the concentration of hydrogen ions, the rate of foaming and stability of the foam, as well as the washing ability of the products. Confirmation of quality and safety according to the Technical Regulations of the TS is carried out in relation to:

  1. laundry soap;
  2. powdered detergents;
  3. pastes, gels and liquids for washing clothes;
  4. cosmetic and hygienic detergents.

According to the Decision of the CCC No. 620 of 04/07/2011, a mandatory certificate of conformity must be issued for these types of products. The quality and safety confirmation procedure can be carried out in GOST R and TR TS systems. In both cases, independent testing and research of product samples is required. The validity of the declaration of conformity may not exceed 5 years.

Before starting the certification procedure for any type of detergent, it is required to issue a CGR. They are issued in accordance with the rules of sanitary supervision. They were introduced on the territory of the Customs Union by Decision of the CCC No. 299 of May 28, 2010. You can obtain a document in the Russian Federation at Rospotrebnadzor.

Detergents Classification

Detergents produced by industry and imported into the country by import are grouped according to various criteria. Grouping of products in trade is carried out according to the type of surfaces they process. In accordance with this classification, products are divided into funds:

посуда иконка for washing windows;
посуда иконка for mopping;
посуда иконка cleaning gels and pastes for dishes and plumbing;
посуда иконка universal;
посуда иконка for cleaning household appliances;
посуда иконка others.

The necessary package of documents

To carry out the certification procedure for detergents, the customer will need to submit a package of documents together with the application to our certification center, the composition of which depends on the chosen scheme for confirming the quality and safety of detergents. Common to all design options are:

  • SGR (detergent under the old brand);
  • documents disclosing full information about the declarant;
  • product sampling certificate;
  • sample label;
  • a set of technical documentation for products;
  • certificate of conformity of the country of manufacture (for importers);
  • receipt of payment for certification services.

The composition of an additional set of documents depends on the selected product certification scheme.

Our company is ready to provide qualified assistance in the issue of paperwork of any orientation. Experienced experts will accelerate the process of obtaining certificates and declarations, quality certificates for detergent, quickly, efficiently and transparently.