Dry Mix Certification

Dry Mix Certification

To sell dry mixes in the territory of the Russian Federation and countries of the Customs Union, the seller needs to have a hygienic certificate: certificate of dry mixes for dry mixes.

Voluntary certification of building and dry mixes is carried out by manufacturers or sellers of products at will, to increase its competitiveness and additional confirmation of quality.

Voluntary documents include: GOST R voluntary certificate and a letter of exemption for certification of dry mixes.

Dry building mixtures are materials made from mineral filler and polymer modifying additives. As the last component in the production of mixtures, various types of hardening accelerators, antifrosty, coloring, and other substances can be used.

Modern dry mixes significantly surpass traditional mixes in their technical characteristics. The polymer additives included in the mixtures improve their adhesion to various surfaces.

State registration of dry building mixes in 2019

For the production of dry building mixes in the Russian Federation, it is necessary to draw up a SGR. The provision for which dry mixes requires SGR is approved by Decision of the CCC No. 299.

SGR for building mixtures is issued by Rospotrebnadzor and is valid throughout the territory of the Customs Union. It is issued 1 time and is valid indefinitely while this product is manufactured.

If the compositions of building mixtures and materials differ even by one component, then different State Registration Certificates will be issued for these products.

SGR form for bitumen An example of the form "SGR for building mixtures"

Keep in mind that the number of required Certificates depends on the number of prescription formulations of your dry mixes. If the recipes for building materials differ only in percentage terms, then one CGR TS can be issued for several types of products. To this SGR TS will be attached the protocols of laboratory tests for each type of mixture.

What applies to dry mixes?

Dry building mixes include materials made on gypsum, lime, cement-lime or cement base. In trade, this building material is divided into large groups. They include mixtures of:

dry mixes dry mixes;
cement mixtures cement mixtures;
bulk floors bulk floors;
putties putties;
varnishes and paints varnishes and paints;
glue glue;
mounting foams and sealants mounting foams and sealants.

Each type of product has its own hardening time indicators. Dry mixes have a wide scope. In construction, they are used as mortars for masonry of various types of blocks, putties and plasters. Using building mixtures, the floors are poured and leveled, bonding solutions are prepared for laying the tiles.

When do I need to get a certificate for dry mixes?

For the implementation of dry mixes in the Russian Federation, two types of documents can be used - a letter of refusal and a voluntary certificate of compliance with quality and safety. Many manufacturers and sellers of dry mixes deliberately certify products to increase their competitiveness. The document is required for export operations and deliveries at state and municipal tenders.

A mandatory requirement for the supply of material under state contracts is the certification of production of mixtures according to the quality management system ISO 9001-2011. Testing and certification of equipment involved in the manufacturing process of the material is carried out according to TR CU 010/2011.

Voluntary certification of dry mixes

The process of voluntary certification begins with the development of technical documentation for the production of certain types of mixtures. It includes technological instructions, technical specifications, dry mix recipe and safety data sheet. When developing technical documentation, current standards are used.

Before filing an application for the certification procedure, the manufacturers of mixtures pre-receive SGR. You can get a certificate of compliance with quality and safety in an accredited standardization center. For this, it is necessary, together with the application for the procedure, to provide product samples and a set of documents, which include:

  • papers disclosing full information about the declarant;
  • technical documentation;
  • SGR;
  • product label sketch;
  • receipt of payment for the service.

When applying to the standardization center, a certification scheme is determined and an agreement is concluded between the parties. Depending on the selected certification scheme for mixtures, the required papers are added to the list of documents. The documentation provided to the center undergoes a legal examination. Samples of mixtures undergo laboratory tests and studies. Decisions on the issuance of a certificate are made on the basis of an expert opinion and an act of laboratory analysis.

The validity of the certificate depends on the chosen scheme for confirming quality and safety. The document has its own individual number and series. Data on the issued document is entered in the Unified State Register.

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