Certification of hats

Certification of hats

The current RF procedure for confirming the quality and safety of hats provides for mandatory certification and voluntary declaration for this category of products. The choice of a method for confirming compliance with quality and safety for caps depends on the type and purpose of the finished products. The main regulation for voluntary and mandatory certification is TR TS 017/2011, approved by the Decision of the CCC No. 876, which was adopted in 2011.

Caps belong to hats. For their manufacture, natural and artificial materials are used. Products can have a different shape and purpose. Each type of headgear has its own coding according to the HS. The All-Russian classifier subdivides all types of products into groups according to such characteristics as the type of material used for sewing hats, the functional purpose of the headgear and the degree of processing.

State registration of hats (SGR)

Before issuing a compulsory certificate, it is necessary to obtain a CGR for summer hats of the 1st layer intended for children no older than 3 years old.

SGR for caps should also be issued for products of the 2nd layer made of various materials for children up to 1 year old.

All new types of caps should undergo a mandatory state registration procedure at Rospotrebnadzor. Get SGR and children's hats of various kinds.

Бланк СГР на битум Example of the form “SGR for hats”

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Mandatory certification of hats

Hats are divided into groups, each of which needs to receive a separate certificate or issue a separate declaration.

Before issuing a compulsory certificate, it is necessary to obtain a SGR for summer hats of the 1st layer intended for children no older than 3 years old.

SGR for caps should also be issued for products of the 2nd layer made of various materials for children up to 1 year old.

The list of products subject to mandatory certification is determined by Government Decision No. 982, adopted in 2009. The procedure is carried out in accordance with the regulations of TR CU 017/2011. It implies conducting tests and studies of products in accredited laboratories and issuing expert opinions on them, on the basis of which documents are issued confirming their quality and safety.

In determining the method of confirming the quality of the head products, their classification is based on the degree of contact with the human body. She subdivides all caps into products of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd layer.

The national standard for hats is GOST 53916-2010. Its effect extends to men's, women's and children's products. The standard was adopted in 2010 and defines all the basic requirements for products in terms of product quality and safety. For hats from knitwear introduced GOST 33378-2015. Hats with earflaps are covered by GOST 1076-86. In relation to knitted hats, GOST 3897-87 applies.

Certification of baby hats

The form confirming compliance with the quality and safety of children's products was determined by the Decision of the EEC Board No. 28. It was adopted in 2013. It defines a list of children's products subject to mandatory certification. It is carried out according to the GOST R system in certification bodies with appropriate accreditation. The procedure is paid. Before certification of the product, they receive SGR and pass an expert assessment of quality.

Declaration of Adult Headgear

Caps belong to the products of the first layer. This means that they have direct contact with the human body. The declaration of conformity of quality and safety of products is carried out in accordance with the requirements of Russian standards or specifications of manufacturers. The declaration of conformity is executed in full accordance with the classification of product groups.

Declaration of the quality of hats is carried out for hats, caps, hats, berets, panama and other products for adults. The declaration procedure also includes some types of children's products that are not subject to the mandatory certification procedure. The declaration procedure is paid and can be carried out in certification centers that have special accreditation.

The validity of the declaration depends on the chosen procedure. A document issued for a single product has no time limit. The validity period of documents for other products can be from 1 year to 5 years.

Бланк добровольного сертификата Example of a declaration form for compliance

Hats Certification Tests

Headwear, when passing the procedure of mandatory certification or declaring the conformity of products to quality and safety, undergo laboratory research and testing. In addition to the organoleptic evaluation of products, caps are checked for compliance with the standards specified by technical regulations. Among them, such as toxicity, the content of harmful dyes and some others.

In the course of research, the contact area of ​​hats with the human body is checked, as well as their hygroscopicity, breathability, strength, etc.

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