Certification and declaration of household chemicals

Certification and declaration of household chemicals

"Sphere" performs a full range of activities so that your company can easily receive a certificate of conformity for household chemicals, as well as provide advice on any issues relating to the procedure for processing these documents.

On the territory of the states that are members of the Customs Union, mandatory certification of household chemical goods has been adopted, in the absence of it, the entrepreneur does not have the right to sell and transport products across the territory of the Customs Union.

In addition to certification, in order to obtain legal permission for sale on the shelves of stores in Russia and the EAEU, you must go through the state registration of household chemical goods (SGR).

  • household chemical goods - chemical products used in everyday life for cleaning (washing), changes (giving new, restoration of properties lost during operation) to products (surfaces, ambient air);
  • synthetic detergents - detergents based on synthetic or natural surfactants used for domestic and industrial purposes;
  • a person authorized by the manufacturer - a legal or natural person registered in the prescribed manner by the state of the Parties that is determined by the manufacturer on the basis of an agreement with him to carry out actions on his behalf when confirming compliance and placing products on the territories of the states of the Parties, as well as to make responsible for non-compliance of products with the requirements technical regulations of the vehicle.

State registration of household chemicals. Issue SGR for household cleaning products

Household chemicals are subject to mandatory hygiene permits. After adding your data to the register of Rospotrebnadzor, you receive a permit document - SGR for household chemicals.

Terms for issuing a certificate: from preparing documents to receiving documents from a courier - 3-4 weeks;

Certification Center “SFERA” has been cooperating with Rospotrebnadzor for more than 10 years, we work with branches of Moscow / Krasnodar (🇷🇺 Russia), Minsk (🇧🇾 Belarus), Bishkek (🇰🇬 Kyrgyzstan). Leave an online application and get a free quote from our specialist.

What permits are needed for household chemicals in 2019 (before the entry into force of the technical regulation)

Prior to the entry into force of this technical regulation, confirmation of compliance of household chemical goods * and synthetic detergents * occurred in two forms:

  • Certificate of State Registration (SGR);
  • Declaration of Conformity GOST R.

The technical regulations for household chemicals cancels both of these forms. Certification of household chemical goods will now take place in the form of a Declaration of Conformity according to the technical regulations of the customs union (TR CU).

Certification of household chemicals after the entry into force of technical regulations

Currently, the regulation is under development. Since the adoption of the technical regulation “On the Safety of Synthetic Products” (TR CU household chemicals), the declaration of household chemicals will abolish all previous schemes, the design and confirmation of the quality of household chemicals will only occur in accordance with the requirements of this regulation.

The expected date of adoption of the regulations on household chemicals is 2019-2020.

The technical regulation cancels both previous forms of conformity confirmation and establishes a new unified form: the Declaration of conformity according to the technical regulation of the customs union on the safety of synthetic detergents and household chemical goods.

Differences between the old and the new declaration of conformity for household chemicals and synthetic detergents

Differences in the declaration in accordance with GOST R and TR TS of household chemicals and detergents in the appearance of the declaration, the requirements established for the circulation of products and the foundation for issuing the declaration - the test report.

The new declaration of conformity for household chemicals is distinguished by the fact that in the upper left corner of the document is the EAC sign, this is a single sign of product circulation on the market. Requirements for products have changed in terms of their labeling, raw materials for production, composition, storage conditions, packaging and transportation.

Laboratory tests of household chemicals according to GOST and the Technical Regulations differ in the list of standards containing different rules and methods for research (testing) and measurements, including the rules for sampling necessary for the application and fulfillment of requirements.

Due to the fact that from the moment the technical regulation came into force new requirements apply to products, it is impossible to reissue a declaration for household chemicals! It is also impossible to use old protocols when drawing up a new declaration. Therefore, the registration of a certificate for detergents and household products should be started from the beginning, in accordance with the requirements of technical regulations.

The list of products subject to declaration on TR CU "on the safety of synthetic detergents and household chemicals"

A number of household products subject to declaration according to technical regulations has expanded significantly, and includes:

  • Synthetic detergents (detergents);
  • Household chemical goods:
    • auxiliary detergents (washing aids), including water softeners, for soaking, bleaches, blueing, starching, anti-electrostatics, conditioners, stain removers; washing amplifiers;
    • cleaners and detergents for hard surfaces;
    • dishwashing detergents;
    • polishing agents;
    • leather and suede care products;
    • car, motorcycle, bicycle care products;
    • aromatizing, deodorizing agents, including odor control agents in rooms and closed containers;
    • glass washer fluids;
    • other household chemical goods.

For all of the above products, a declaration of conformity of the TP CU for household chemicals is mandatory.

Certification of imported/domestic household chemicals and synthetic detergents

The declaration of the customs union on household chemicals and synthetic detergents is a single document necessary for the import, production and circulation of products throughout the customs union, both for domestic and imported products.

All detailed information on the preparation of the declaration and the SGR for household chemicals, check with our specialists by phone. 8(495) 055-80-80, or write to us by e-mail info@sfera-cert.com