Napkin Certification

Napkin Certification

Napkins produced by the industry, depending on their type, can undergo the procedure of mandatory certification and declaration of compliance with quality and safety requirements in accordance with GOST R system and TS regulations. A mandatory document for this type of product is the SGR.

In the traditional sense, a napkin is a small piece of cloth that has a square shape and is used for household purposes. The assortment of napkins offered by modern manufacturers is much wider. Existing technologies and equipment allow to produce napkins: paper, hygienic.

State registration of napkins

Registration of SGR before certification or declaration of quality is required for napkins having a code for HS FEA 3401190000. Napkins made of cotton yarn are included in the group for a code for HS FEA 6302510000.

For certification purposes, wipes are grouped into homogeneous groups, which are assigned codes for HS. Paper and linen goods include napkins with codes 480300, 4818201000, 4818300000. For these types of goods, on the basis of Government Decision No. 982 of 2009, a declaration of conformity is issued.

Бланк СГР на битум Example of the form “SGR on napkins”

Is it necessary to issue a Certificate of state registration for turnkey napkins?

Terms for issuing a certificate: from preparing documents to receiving documents from a courier - 3-4 weeks;

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Textile products are mainly used for cleaning and serving dining tables. In catering, they are replaced on tables with paper napkins. For cleaning lenses, monitors, etc. Use special wipes without lint. They are produced using special technology.

Wet wipes are widely used in everyday life. They are a universal hygiene item. They can be used to clean hands in the absence of water, remove makeup, wipe various surfaces, etc. Microfibre cloths are used to clean rooms. Such products are impregnated with special chemical solutions.

Certificate and declaration for napkins

The method of obtaining a certificate for napkins in the Russian Federation depends on the type of product. Mandatory certification or voluntary certification are issued for paper sanitary napkins in accordance with the regulations of the Customs Union. They are subject to TR CU 009/2011. Napkins used for table setting go through the process of confirming quality and compliance with the rules of GOST R.

Mandatory certification of napkins used for medical purposes is carried out in accordance with Government Decision No. 906, adopted in 2010. Before drawing up a declaration or certificate for napkins intended for use for children or intimate hygiene, the CGR is drawn up. You can get the document at Rospotrebnadzor. Paperwork takes from 1.5 to 2.5 months.

The certificate and declaration of conformity are issued on standard forms that differ in color. All of them have various degrees of protection and are official documents. Each certificate or declaration has its own number and series, which are recorded when issuing documents in a single state register.

The paperwork is paid and is carried out by accredited standardization bodies. Each document has its own validity period, which is indicated on it along with the name of the authority that issued the certificate or declaration.

Features of the certification of napkins

The process of certification of wipes is quite complex and multi-stage. Mandatory certification is subject to products included in the list of Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 982. To draw up a document, the manufacturer or seller of products submits an application to standardization bodies that have passed the accreditation of Gosstandart.

You can get a certificate only if you have a SGR. This document is required for this product category. It confirms the compliance of the products with sanitary and epidemiological standards. The most stringent requirements are presented during certification for wet wipes, which are used for intimate hygiene or intended for children. In TS they are considered as a cosmetic product. For this type of product, SGR is also a binding document.

The certification procedure for products related to napkins provides for the execution of a laboratory test and research protocol for each product name separately. This means that the declarant, when applying for the certification of his napkins, must experience the entire assortment list.

The validity of the certificate depends on the chosen scheme of the procedure and cannot exceed 5 years. In case of any change in the technical conditions during the production of the product, it is required to go through the certification procedure again.