Certification of nuts and dried fruits

Certification of nuts and dried fruits

Nuts, as well as dried fruits produced on the territory of the Russian Federation or imported into the country, cannot be sold on its territory without a declaration of conformity TR CU. Obtaining a declaration is mandatory for all food products, confirms their quality and safety.

This procedure is established by Government Decision No. 982, adopted in 2009.

Nuts are the fruits of trees or shrubs that have a dry shell, inside of which there are edible kernels. They relate to food products. There are various types of nuts. They found the widest application in the manufacture of confectionery. According to the current legislation, mandatory declaration of conformity to quality and safety and voluntary certification are carried out with respect to nuts.

List of nuts and dried fruits to be declared

According to current regulations, a wide range of different types of nuts, dried and dried vegetables and fruits, and dried fruits are subject to mandatory declaration. Among them:

Declared Nuts

Walnuts, Brazil, cashews, peanuts, hazelnuts, almonds, pecans, macadamia, pistachios, etc.

Dried fruits to be declared

Raisins, dried apricots, prunes, apples, dates, bananas, figs, etc.

Declaration of nuts

The procedure for the mandatory declaration of conformity of nuts and dried fruits is enshrined in Article 23 TR CU 021/2011. For those types of nuts that are related to specialized food products, it is necessary to draw up a SGR.

The quality of nuts and dried fruits is regulated by the standards of TS and GOST R. The standards of the Customs Union include TR CU 021/2011 and TR CU 022/2011.

Existing guests for nuts in 2019 🇷🇺

Type of walnut GOST
Hazel 5531-70
Chestnut 16525-70
Sweet almonds 16830-71
Walnuts 16832-71
Hazelnut 16834-81
Inshell Almonds 32811
Sweet Almond Kernels 32857

State registration of nuts and dried fruits in Russia and the CU

The procedure for issuing SGR for nuts and dried fruits is defined in article 25 TR CU 021/2011. Obtaining this document is necessary for specialized food products and nuts obtained using GMOs. For goods with a SGR, it is not necessary to issue a declaration. The issuance of documents involved Rospotrebnadzor.

The registration procedure depends on the location of the production of nuts or dried fruits.

3-4 weeks processing time
Бланк СГР на орехи и сухофрукты An example of a SGR form for nuts and dried fruits

If the products are manufactured on the territory of the vehicle

If the products are manufactured on the territory of the Customs Union, then the state registration certificate is issued before the products are launched into production.

If products are imported

Imported nuts and dried fruits are subject to state registration in Rospotrebnadzor prior to its import into the territory of the Customs Union.

SGR is issued separately for each name of the goods, unlimited and only 1 time.

The process of obtaining a declaration of conformity

In cooperation with us, the process of processing nuts and dried fruits consists of several key steps:

  1. An application is submitted for the procedure of confirming the quality or safety of products;
  2. Our specialist contacts you and helps with the collection of necessary documents, product samples, a design scheme is agreed upon, a contract is concluded;
  3. Preparation and provision of all necessary documentation, as well as product samples, to certification experts of the “Sphere” CA;
  4. Conducting laboratory research and product testing with obtaining an independent authoritative assessment of the test results + test reports;
  5. Based on test reports, making a decision on the issuance of documents or refusal (in case the product does not certify legal requirements);
  6. Printing documents, sending scans to the customer, entering into a single register, sending documents by courier.

Label requirements

The procedure and rules for labeling are regulated by several regulatory documents. General requirements are presented for their execution of Federal Law No. 2300-1, adopted in 1992 and aimed at protecting consumer rights. Among other regulations that put forward labeling requirements:

  • Government Decision No. 1575 of 1996;
  • GOST R 51074-20003;
  • Federal Law No. 184 of 2002;
  • Order of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation No. 206 of 2003;
  • GOST R ISO/IEC 154261-2002 and others.

When developing a label for nuts, not only the requirements of all these regulations must be taken into account, but also TR CU 022/2011. All labels must bear the state standard mark.

Declaration of nuts and dried fruits

The applicant has the right to choose a declaration or certification scheme. He independently makes a decision and reports it to standardization bodies. According to Article 23 TR CU 021/2011, the declaration of conformity of nuts and dried fruits can be carried out according to schemes 1D, 2D and 3D. The choice of scheme depends on the nature of the production. The validity period of the compliance document depends on the selected scheme.

Necessary documents for registration of the declaration of conformity of TR CU for nuts and dried fruits

The minimum package of documents depends on the list of documents being drawn up, import/domestic products, and is different for each client.

For imported contracted products

  • Copy of the contract;
  • Charter (first three sheets and the last);
  • Certificate OGRN, certificate TIN;
  • Description of the product (composition, appearance, scope);
  • Application for DS TR CU.

For mass-produced domestic products

  • Certificate of state registration of OGRN (copy), certificate of registration with the tax authority TIN (copy);
  • TU (copy) if the products are not manufactured in accordance with GOST;
  • Application for declaring.

For an accurate list of assessments, contact our certification specialist by phone +7 (499) 704-14-44, or write to info@sfera-cert.com