Primer certification

Primer certification

According to Section 6 of the EU, a primer, like any other building and polymer-containing material, requires state registration in Rospotrebnadzor for free sale, as a result of successful expert evaluation of doctors, you receive a permit document - a certificate of state registration.

SGR for building material - a mandatory document for the primer!

The certification of a primer in the Russian Federation is carried out according to the GOST R system, additionally, after issuing a primer certificate in Rospotrebnadzor. Only as an additional tool to confirm product quality.

For this, existing GOSTs or those developed by TU manufacturers can be used. After research and product testing, a hazard class is assigned, and an indicator of the emission of harmful substances is determined. It is standardized.

The primer refers to building materials intended for finishing work. The material is available in dry and liquid form. The main purpose of the primer (primers) is to ensure adhesion between various building materials when finishing various surfaces. The material is toxic. Work with him in personal protective equipment.

Under the current legislation of the Russian Federation for a primer is not required to issue a mandatory certificate. This procedure is determined by PP No. 982 adopted in 2009 and No. 241 of 2009. This does not exempt product manufacturers from state registration of primers and sanitary supervision.

Under the primer understand paint solutions. Dry soil mixtures produced by manufacturers are diluted with water before use. The difference in the components that make up the primers is the reason for the different drying rates of the finishing material.

In addition to adhesion, primers can be used to isolate, strengthen surfaces and prevent corrosion. The main materials for which primers are intended are concrete, drywall, wood, fiberglass, as well as plaster and putty.

State registration of primer

SGR for primer is a mandatory permit document, the presence of which is necessary for the lawful production or import of paints and varnishes in the territory of the Russian Federation and other countries members of the Customs Union.

SGR for the primer confirms the possibility of production or import of the product throughout the territory of the Customs Union and guarantees the absence of possible problems with the law. Until 2010, it was considered mandatory to obtain a sanitary and epidemiological conclusion, which in 2019 is not required.

Бланк СГР на грунтовку Example of the form "SGR on the primer"

Primer declaration of conformity

Only one type of primer is subject to mandatory certification - GF-021. It is necessary to receive a declaration of conformity to it ППРФ982 in accordance with GOST R.

Without the declaration of the primer GF-021, it cannot be produced, sold, used, exported and imported. In 1983, GOST 25129-82 was approved for it.

1-2 weeks processing time
Бланк декларации на грунтовку Primer declaration form example

Stages of obtaining a primer certificate

  1. You leave a request in any way possible: online form, a letter to, a phone call;
  2. Our dedicated specialist contacts you and together with the application for certification of the primer a set of documents is collected, the composition of which depends on the chosen procedure for carrying out the procedure;
  3. We conclude a contract;
  4. We transfer documents to the appropriate authorities according to the necessary document;
  5. Entering information into a single register of the customs union;
  6. After entering, we instantly send an electronic copy of the document by email, send the original by express courier.

Primer Testing for Certificate

To verify laboratory tests and primer tests, random samples are taken. Among the standardized indicators used to assess the quality of the material, organoleptic evaluation and physico-chemical analysis are used.

As a result of a successful examination, a quality certificate for the primer is issued for your products.

Normalized indicators for the material are such as viscosity, mass fraction of non-volatile substances, as well as the strength, elasticity of the film and other indicators. A very important standardized indicator is the release of toxic substances at certain ambient temperatures and resistance to fire.