Certification of dumplings and semi-finished products

Certification of dumplings and semi-finished products

If the dumplings are intended for wide consumption, its quality is regulated by the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union “On the safety of meat and meat products”. According to this regulation, the quality of dumplings should be declared. As a result of the procedure, the customer receives a declaration of conformity for the dumplings.

The declaration, registered by a specially accredited body, confirms compliance with the parameters that exclude the entry of potentially dangerous goods into the market. Unlike certification, the manufacturer is responsible for the accuracy of the declared information.

The development of meat products for the nutrition of children (specialized products) requires preliminary state registration carried out by the bodies of the Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection, followed by a certificate. Its passage is regulated by the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union "On Food Safety". The declaration of conformity or certificate of state registration, together with evidence documents, are kept by the manufacturer for submission to state regulatory authorities.

Who can be a manufacturer of dumplings

The ease of manufacture and the possibility of relatively long storage make dumplings an attractive product for manufacturers, which may include:

  1. catering enterprises;
  2. food factories;
  3. individual entrepreneurs.

In all cases, regardless of the legal form, the manufacturer must document the quality of his products.

Documents required for declaring dumplings

When drawing up a declaration of conformity or a certificate of state registration for dumplings, the registration authority must provide:

  1. constituent documents of the applicant;
  2. comprehensive information on the composition of products;
  3. documentation of production specifications;
  4. other documents proving the conformity of products to the required level of quality.

Confirmation of the consumer properties of the product are the test protocols of its samples in an accredited testing laboratory.

Criteria for assessing the quality of dumplings

Product quality assessment by testing laboratories is based on the following criteria adopted by the Scientific Research Institute of Nutrition RAMS:

  • neat general appearance: the same size, the absence of sticky specimens, fragments of minced meat on the surface of the dough;
  • smell and taste: boiled dumplings should emit an attractive aroma, be pleasant to the taste;
  • consistency: boiled dumplings should retain their original shape, minced meat should give off juice;
  • thickness of the dough: in the places of incorporation no more than 3 mm, on the rest of the surface - 2 mm.

The percentage of salt, pepper, meat, breading, dough is also estimated. During tests, the content of proteins, fats, and vitamins is revealed.

A sample for laboratory testing is formed by selecting dumplings in different places of one batch, in an amount of not more than 1% of the total. The nutrient content in the finished product is checked every 10 days, the content of minerals and vitamins - every three months.

At the same time, subject to the necessary execution of a declaration of conformity or a certificate of state registration, voluntary certification of products remains relevant. By tradition, the consumer is more inclined to trust the certificate than declarations, which increases the demand for certified products.